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Annalect Moodometer: Facial Recognition Technology that Captures True Emotions

Leveraging facial recognition technology can enhance a brand’s insight into why a creative would appeal to an audience.

This year, we decided to experiment with the commercials that brands spend the most on in order to appeal to a 111.9 million person audience, also known as Super Bowl 50. Our goal was to find out how brands can measure what consumers are really feeling when watching these million dollar ads.

To find out, we launched the Super Bowl Moodometer, a facial recognition technology that captures a viewer’s true emotions while watching the Super Bowl commercials. Campaign US covered our findings which included Mountain Dew’s “Puppymonkeybaby” striking a nerve on the emotional response ladder, even though it only ranked 55/63 according to USA Today’s Ad Meter List.

As Anna Nicanorova, our director of Annalect Labs, explained, “Ad Meter measures likeabilty — the entertainment factor, while Moodometer measures emotional reaction.”

To learn more about our insights and methodology, click here.

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