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CES 2018 Best Tech

CES brings together thousands of international brands and hopeful start-ups to showcase the technologies they believe have the power to change the future. From 5G to smart cities, voice assistants, VR/AR, and more, Annalect and Hearts & Science bring you the top tech and trends to care about in the coming…

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Cloud Computing

Get primed on cloud computing, including a summary of the different services it offers, public vs. private architectures, and when to consider “serverless” cloud. Nearly all enterprise marketers have their head in the cloud these days — and for good reason. Cloud computing has not only disrupted computer-dependent business processes as we know them,…

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Advertising Bot Fraud

On February 15, 1995, arguably the most notorious and first hacker cover boy, Kevin Mitnick, was apprehended in Raleigh, NC. Charged with crimes ranging from wire fraud to unauthorized access to a federal computer, there was a distinct possibility that he would spend the rest of his life in jail.…

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Blockchain Marketing

Could blockchain marketing practices disrupt the entire industry? Learn how blockchain technology works and the benefits and challenges it introduces for marketers. Combining marketing technology with blockchain records could completely reinvent the advertising and media-buying industry, but challenges and volatility make it unclear where, exactly, this path would lead marketers.…

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fundamentals of consumer identity

Learn the difference between deterministic and probabilistic consumer identification and why both methods may be needed for marketing to succeed. Like most tech-defined marketing stories in the modern era, this one starts with mobile. When technologies like smartphones and tablets rose in popularity, people no longer left all of their…

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programmatic TV advertising

Programmatic TV is still facing many barriers to adoption — such as technology infrastructure challenges and TV’s traditional culture — however, addressable TV shows immense promise for the future. Could mass TV advertising soon resemble digital? Programmatic ad buying has quietly overtaken online advertising in recent years, but the TV advertising model…

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