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Programmatic Media Buying

Addressable TV advertising, digital out of home and optimization for digital assistants are three areas in which programmatic media buying could take off. For years, programmatic media buying has pushed forward the frontier of agency comfort zones by challenging some of their most ingrained practices. While person-to-person media buys still…

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deep learning and artificial intelligence in big data

Find out how artificial intelligence technologies like neural networks can be coupled with big data to produce extraordinary marketing feats. Just like the rise of internet networking technologies and smaller, more-powerful processors led to the current device explosion, the advancement of technologies like machine learning and neural networks will no…

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data driven marketing

Discover the best practices to starting a data-driven marketing strategy that reduces implementation risk and unlocks analytics’ potential organization wide. All signs point to data-driven marketing as the way of the future. Organizations looking to modernize their marketing approach and upstart businesses looking to scale are all pursuing smart investments in…

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facial recognition

Leveraging facial recognition technology can enhance a brand’s insight into why a creative would appeal to an audience. This year, we decided to experiment with the commercials that brands spend the most on in order to appeal to a 111.9 million person audience, also known as Super Bowl 50. Our goal…

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Successful Agile UX

Over the last few years, excellent user experience design has proven to be a distinct business advantage. This is part 2 of our 3 part app series with insights, from our Annalect leads in product marketing, UX and data solutions, on a successful business application strategy. Today, the term “user experience”…

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Evolution of Ad Blocking

For all the uproar, AdBlockers may be doing digital marketers some good. Their audiences are challenging them to accomplish one thing: do better or go away. There has been much talk in the marketing world about ad blocking software recently, and for good reason. Two hundred million people worldwide are…

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