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2016 marketing trends

Come to grips with the three biggest challenges marketers face in 2016, an era with shifting priorities and disruptive changes that reshape marketing as we know it. Nowadays, chief marketing officers are flush with data, but they may not always know what to do with it. As new sources of…

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Data privacy best practices

Click here to download the full article As technology and individual’s ability to connect and network evolve, individual privacy has quickly become one of the leading issues facing not only our industry, but also the entire technology and digital landscape. As marketers, we’re on the hook for our brand, and our…

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Marketing Trends Abroad 2016

Discover marketing trends from around the world, how they are shaping the marketing climate of 2016 and what brands are making the most of them. The year 2015 saw many changes on the marketing front, with many concepts like inbound, content marketing, big data and the Internet of Things having…

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Flagship Retail Store Experiential Marketing

Click here to download the full report Moving towards personalization and precision In order to deliver the best shopping experience, stores are implementing technologies like beacons, RFID (radio frequency identification), and smart digital displays. As these technologies are in their infancy, retailers are in the midst of finding ways to…

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DMP segmentation strategies

Discover some of the most crucial strategies to segmenting using a data management platform, including examples of how a DMP can enhance predictive abilities. The emergence of data management platform (DMP) usage has crystallized the data-driven marketing revolution, making marketing decisions more about deduction than intuition. There is an investment…

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Women in ad tech

Meet the trailblazers for women in ad tech as well as their stories, the challenges they face and how they have learned to adjust to a male-centered culture. Thirty years ago, Susan Credle occupied the absolute bottom of the corporate hierarchy at the BBDO ad agency. She took over for…

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