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personalized marketing

See why and how personalization at scale has turned into an important differentiator for brands and the strategies they use to deliver the ideal 1:1 messaging. Personalization has quietly revolutionized the way brands speak to their audiences. Personalized experiences have spread from just a few websites to nearly every advertisement,…

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consumer journey ad tracking

Ad tracking across devices has empowered marketers with ways to track the full customer journey and its complexities, but ad blocking poses a growing threat. Ad tracking across devices provides crucial insight into each touchpoint and helps marketers define how customers navigate their path to purchase. Taking a look at…

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facial emotion recognition data

Emotion recognition technology measures moods in voices and facial expressions in a quantitative way, enabling brands to be more specific about their emotional impact. Members of your marketing test group state that they love your product, but their facial expressions tell another story. Which do you believe? Emotion recognition technology…

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Thanksgiving Marketing

Follow how grocery stores use retail marketing technology to keep reinventing themselves, from self-service options and home delivery service to augmented and virtual reality. The neighborhood grocery store may have a sense of familiarity, but in truth, it has always been changing. For example, when the first Piggly Wiggly opened…

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Data Best Practices

Click here to download these data-driven best practices Learn how to get the most out of your data-driven marketing program with these best practices for making data actionable and audience-focused. We as an industry have been focusing more on the tactical applications of data but with the data ecosystem evolving, the unique…

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Digital Marketing Evolution

Digital, interactive video and different platform experiences play key roles as the state of marketing practices develop and adapt further in the coming years. The growth of online digital platforms and the data they created caused an incredible evolutionary marketing shift within the past ten years. Now, the world’s biggest…

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