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Technology in Holiday Shopping

Explore six holiday retail trends changing the consumer journey, including AI-driven product recommendations and conversion optimization at every touch. This year was another banner year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and the efforts put behind complex digital marketing journeys deserve much of the credit. Estimated Cyber Monday sales…

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Marketing to Generation Z

Diversity, connectivity, and brand-agnosticism are key factors redefining marketing as Generation Z grows up. Marketers have been so focused on millennials, but a new generation is coming of age and will soon comprise 40% of all consumers. The growing ranks of Gen Z, people born in the mid to late 90s, should…

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multivariate testing best practices

Multivariate testing can empower marketers to discover effective content that drives KPIs, but only when they follow best practices and scientific rigor. Multivariate testing provides a powerful tool for marketers willing to dive into experimental design and optimization best practices. Because marketers aren’t mind readers, they need tools and methodologies to guide their…

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omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing strategies have quickly become the norm, so brands are turning to innovative technology and data to provide consistent and convenient customer experiences. Omnichannel marketing unifies a company’s many moving parts to bolt them together into a single, well-oiled machine with a dedicated purpose —  and data and technology…

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data driven content marketing

Content marketing has found new footing in an era where obtaining data on audience engagement and creative preferences can make it more effective than ever. Boredom is officially over. People now have access to all types of entertainment at a moments notice, be it through social media, streaming video, engaging…

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back to school marketing

Brands need to be rethinking their back-to-school marketing strategy in 2017 as the traditional lesson plan for reaching shoppers grows stale. The start of summer may mean that K-12 students finally get their welcomed break, but most retailers are getting ahead on their summer reading in the form of consumer…

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