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hospitality marketing with data

Digital hotel marketing heats up as major brands compete with each other and online travel agencies (OTAs) while seeking better customer loyalty. Through data-backed insights, hotel marketing helps make bucket-list trips a reality while also improving experiences for regular travelers. Most people rely on various forms of online research to…

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marketing chatbots

More than just entertaining, chatbots can improve customer experience and collect critical marketing data that can enrich predictive analytics and more. Since the golden age of pulp science fiction, humans have speculated about the logical and ethical challenges of artificial intelligence (AI). Now, chatbot AIs can order a pizza for us.…

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consumer loyalty programs

Customer loyalty marketing uses data and research to reveal key drivers of brand loyalty including personalized, relevant experiences to keep customers coming back. Customer loyalty programs come in many forms. They can be a card-based membership program where swiping provides instant discounts, or a more complex program that gives rewards based…

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consumer intent marketing

In an era where most people have smartphones and want things now, brands are adopting intent-based marketing strategies to satisfy consumers’ immediate needs. Our modern tendency to reach for our phones any time we need information has caused many marketers to pivot strategies. In an age where information is always…

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blockbuster marketing

To stand out in a sea of big-budget films, Hollywood blockbusters are marketing movies with creative tactics that build buzz, drive engagement, and increase ticket sales. Which film is going to be the must-see movie of the summer? Convincing mainstream movie-going audiences that a movie shouldn’t be missed has gotten…

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tourism marketing

Dive into the sophisticated ways that cities capitalize on using digital marketing techniques — just like how brands do — to promote tourism and create emotion-rich branded experiences. Wanderlust is unsurprisingly on the rise. It seems now, more than ever, people are giving into this irresistible impulse to travel to near and…

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