Annalect Primary Research Study

Binge-viewing, also called binge-watching, refers to a pop cultural phenomenon whereby people watch multiple episodes of a TV program in one sitting. Bingeing is transforming the media landscape and affecting all areas of the industry, from the way video content is produced to the way we consume it; the effects are widespread among consumers, advertisers, networks, technology companies, and service providers.

[download file=”” title=”The Impact of Binge Viewing”]

Annalect Primary Research conducted this consumer study to address binge-viewing from a consumer standpoint:

  • Who are bingers?
  • Why do they binge?
  • What are their methods for bingeing (including gender and generational differences)?
  • What are their attitudes about advertising and binge-viewing?

Annalect’s Primary Research & Insights group has extensive experience conducting customized quantitative and qualitative primary research for clients and proprietary agency studies focused on creating a competitive advantage for our clients.

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