Decoding the Complexities of U.S. Hispanic Population Trends

Annalect Primary Research and OMD Multicultural decode the complexities of U.S. Hispanics’ population trends.

In Affirm This: The Era of Affirmation™ and its Impact Among Hispanics, Annalect Primary Research and OMD Multicultural explore the complexities of a recent population trend among U.S. Hispanics, wherein they seamlessly navigate life between Latino and American cultures.

Background and Rationale

The U.S. Hispanic population is the largest minority group in the country. Hispanics make up 16% (50.5 million) of the U.S. population, and this is expected to rise to 30% (132.8 million) by 2050. Over the past century, cultural shifts have brought about changes in mindsets and paradigms used in discussing trends within the Hispanic community.

Specifically, our study looks at:

  • Factors that influence Biculturals to fluctuate between their Latino and American sides
  • Cultural drivers that impact Biculturals’ Latino and American pride
  • Biculturals’ relationships with media, advertising, categories, and brands
  • The role of language – Spanish and English – among Biculturals

Read what MediaPost had to say about the study: Biculturals Dominate Hispanic Populations

Annalect’s Primary Research & Insights group has extensive experience conducting customized quantitative and qualitative primary research focused on creating a competitive advantage for our clients.

OMD Multi-Cultural specializes in building and executing communication plans focused on targeting consumers across cultures. The team consists of dedicated planners employing cross-cultural insights fused with proprietary tools, research and factual analysis to help our clients effectively achieve their business goals against cross-cultural segments of the US populations.

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