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data visualization best practices

Make more effective use of data visualizations through these important best practices, including how to prepare for the future of data representation through VR. Organizations around the world use data visualization in their jobs, but they may not be using the technology to its full potential. Many professionals employ data…

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fundamentals of consumer identity

Learn the difference between deterministic and probabilistic consumer identification and why both methods may be needed for marketing to succeed. Like most tech-defined marketing stories in the modern era, this one starts with mobile. When technologies like smartphones and tablets rose in popularity, people no longer left all of their…

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omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing strategies have quickly become the norm, so brands are turning to innovative technology and data to provide consistent and convenient customer experiences. Omnichannel marketing unifies a company’s many moving parts to bolt them together into a single, well-oiled machine with a dedicated purpose —  and data and technology…

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data driven content marketing

Content marketing has found new footing in an era where obtaining data on audience engagement and creative preferences can make it more effective than ever. Boredom is officially over. People now have access to all types of entertainment at a moments notice, be it through social media, streaming video, engaging…

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marketing algorithms

Marketers can harness the full potential of algorithms and reduce the risk of drawbacks when they supervise use, monitor performance, and inject humanity. While marketing algorithms shoulder the burden for many important tasks for humans, the need for human management and supervision still makes people an essential part of the…

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global marketing trends - annalect

Round out your worldwide marketing strategy with trends from the Middle East, Africa, and Europe; part two of our global marketing series. By turning our perspective outward, we can often learn a great deal from others. Digital marketing is no exception; trends and patterns in the rest of the world…

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