Anny Buakaew Group Director of Platform Operations at Annjalect

Close-Up: Anny Buakaew, Group Director of Platform Operations

Inspired by AAPI Heritage Month — this spotlight series celebrates the diversity which drives our success, fosters strong values, and uplifts every individual to become the collective heart of Annalect culture. Join us in recognizing the talent, inspiration, and valuable insights contributing to our vibrant and inclusive community.

Tell us about your current role at Annalect.

I’m the Group Director of Platform Operations, leading a team of experts in ad trafficking. We empower clients to generate clean and accurate data by structuring and implementing the right tools and processes. Some of my responsibilities are: leading client onboarding, representing our organization at industry events, making sure my team and I are on top of media trends, and forging strategic partnerships with key digital ad operations vendors.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Lots of walks (often with an iced matcha in hand), and connecting with people — especially friends and family. When traveling, I love exploring supermarkets to learn about the local culture, or find products we don’t have back home.

I’m also a devoted Disney enthusiast. You’ll spot the occasional hidden Mickeys in my outfits. Fortunately, my husband and daughter are huge fans as well, so we enjoy Disney-themed trips.

What is your proudest professional achievement?

My proudest professional achievement is right now — the culmination of my lifetime experience. I am who I am today thanks to those who blazed the trail before me, in addition to my own trial and error. I’m proud to leverage all that experience to guide the next generation along their own career path.

In celebrating AAPI Heritage Month, who or what is your biggest inspiration?

When I started my career, there was a lack of Asian women in leadership, so I had to draw inspiration from elsewhere: First, from my family, who taught me the value of honesty and hard work, which I now instill in my team. Second, I was fortunate to find Asian women colleagues who rose into leadership roles alongside me and shared similar career struggles. Their guidance, support, grace, and friendship have been instrumental in shaping my career.

But most of all, I’m inspired by all the young Asian people joining the industry today. For them, I want to be the leader offering support and opportunities I didn’t have.

What message do you have for other Asian American & Pacific Islanders who may be early in their career — looking to grow into positions of leadership in their schools, workplaces and communities?

Your unique perspective enriches every space you inhabit. Be bold when pursuing your ambitions and network extensively. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself or say “yes” to opportunities outside your comfort zone.

Understand that true leadership is not solely defined by titles or positions, but by the positive impact we make on those around us. Success is a collective effort; acknowledging everyone’s contributions creates a workplace where people get the appreciation they deserve.