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Anna Nicanorova

Contributing to the Future of Marketing & Advertising, in so Many Ways… Congratulations on your 10-year Annalect-iversary! Could you tell us about the journey? After getting my MBA, I did a year-long residency at numerous Omnicom agencies — ultimately, deciding I wanted to stay at Annalect — which was then…

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Satindra Chakravorty Annalect

From Biostatistics to Data Science … an Unpredictable Journey in Prediction How did you get into Data Science? It was literally an 11th-hour decision, on the eve of moving from Chicago to Columbia, South Carolina to start my career in Public Health (my education was in Epidemiology & Biostatistics). I…

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Tabitha Anderson - Annalect

Intuitive Solutions for Complex Business Challenges … Fueled by Imagination How did you get into product? I moved to San Francisco, to experience life outside the Long Island, New York bubble — thinking I was going to be an Elementary School Teacher. I accepted a position at an automotive digital marketing startup,…

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Alicia Carroll Annalect

Focused on all the Connections that Matter… You were pretty ahead of the curve with social analytics. Can you tell us a little about that? When I started in social advertising in 2014 at Resolution, I recognized a deficit in social analytics. Digital media had elaborate, detailed measurement plans — and social…

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Digiday logo

Having access to Affinity’s near-realtime credit- and debit card purchase information from about 90 million consumers is a pretty fantastic way to gauge marketing outcomes, and we’ve got it — exclusively. “The multiyear exclusive agreement essentially enables Omni to mainline data solutions from Affinity’s Panorama platform — which houses and…

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AdWeek Logo

Like proud parents, we love talking about Omni, our open operating system for helping marketers orchestrate better outcomes. In this case, however, the results speak for themselves. Clorox experienced (and we quote) “…the highest return on marketing investment in its history…” after fully-implementing Omni. [mic drop] Read the full article on…

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