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Blockchain Marketing

Could blockchain marketing practices disrupt the entire industry? Learn how blockchain technology works and the benefits and challenges it introduces for marketers. Combining marketing technology with blockchain records could completely reinvent the advertising and media-buying industry, but challenges and volatility make it unclear where, exactly, this path would lead marketers.…

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multivariate testing best practices

Multivariate testing can empower marketers to discover effective content that drives KPIs, but only when they follow best practices and scientific rigor. Multivariate testing provides a powerful tool for marketers willing to dive into experimental design and optimization best practices. Because marketers aren’t mind readers, they need tools and methodologies to guide their…

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the future of data visualization

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and machine learning are vastly improving data visualization practices, making it possible for marketers to analyze and depict complex data sets without oversimplifying them. When thinking about data visualization, most marketers refer back to the not-so-distant days of the dashboard – pre-populated with two-dimensional line graphs…

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mobile attribution

Advanced methods like fractional attribution, third-party SDK services, and consumer ID technology help piece together more accurate digital attribution models. Faced with an increasingly mobile consumer base, marketers are devising newer methods for more accurate and detailed digital attribution. These practices and technologies measure digital advertising effectiveness while tracking complex…

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interactive kiosks

Brands are discovering that touch screen kiosk marketing data offers valuable information to fuel better customer interactions and omnichannel experiences. In the age of mobile-enabled grocery delivery and real-time smart home ordering services, many brick-and-mortar brands are installing digital self-service kiosks to make the customer experience more seamless. In France,…

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mining dark data

Shine a light on dark data, which is data your business collects but doesn’t fully exploit, by learning about common use cases and data integration strategies. Nearly all big brands know the value of collecting, storing, and analyzing data, but big data outputs often mean only a fraction of data…

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