Retail Data Breaches Spike Concern and Alter Shopping Behaviors

In 2013, Annalect launched a longitudinal study to track consumers’ awareness, understanding, sentiments, and responses to the growing issue of online privacy and data breaches.  We extended our research (monthly national online surveys) into 2014 to continue tracking online consumers.

As you are aware, there was big news at the end of 2013 surrounding data breaches at Target and Niemen Marcus, as well as the continued news coverage about the NSA PRISM disclosure.


Our Data Policy & Research teams took these events into consideration as we executed the 2014 research. The full infographic below, excerpts of which were featured in Fast Company,  provides details around the findings.

Specifically, our research looked at:

  • Internet users’ increased concern about online privacy and whether they have taken more action to protect themselves
  • How online privacy impacts consumers’ relationships with brands/marketers

Some highlights of our key findings:

  • Consumers’ concern about data protection has reached the level where they are taking specific actions to protect against future harms
  • Retailers are most likely to feel the effects of consumers’ reaction to data breaches
  • Data protection is now an element of brand protection


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