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data privacy best practices

Shifting regulations and consumer demands for privacy have forced marketers to examine their data practices, technology stack, and security. Today’s constant stream of consumer data promises companies exciting abilities and groundbreaking insight into their audiences. Modern marketers collect and leverage all sorts of customer data, whether it is direct engagement…

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consumer journey ad tracking

Ad tracking across devices has empowered marketers with ways to track the full customer journey and its complexities, but ad blocking poses a growing threat. Ad tracking across devices provides crucial insight into each touchpoint and helps marketers define how customers navigate their path to purchase. Taking a look at…

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Healthcare Data

Discover how healthcare data technology like electronic health records, data-sharing systems and encryption has been breathing new life into the industry. Even though the medical industry holds on to its heritage, by still using the symbol of medicine — the rod of Asclepius, healthcare persists at the cutting edge of research,…

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agriculture big data

Big data offers bountiful rewards for farmers, but concerns over data provisioning have led to strictly defined sharing models that could become the norm. In the 21st century, the common tools of agriculture retain their outward familiarity while being fundamentally transformed within. The image of a farmer and a tractor…

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Data-driven Advertising

As advertising’s brightest minds gather for Advertising Week, expect plenty of comments on how data will be the key contributor to brand success moving forward. In an era when the capability to precision-target customer segments is the most effective way to get your message across, data became a way for…

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how to respond to a data breach

Data Breaches: Aspects of emotional and behavior turmoil It has become almost commonplace to open up your favorite news site, pick up the newspaper, or listen to the evening news to find out that yet another company has experienced some type of electronic intrusion. The conversations about these “hacks” seem…

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