Annalect Millennials Webinar

Reach, Teach & Keep Millennials Webinar: Video Recaps

Understanding the Millennials mindset, and how it differs from other generations’ mindsets, is a critical first step to reaching, teaching and ultimately keeping this important cohort for building a future focused organization.

During our webinar, we discussed several approaches to developing and teaching content specifically geared toward Millennials.

The speakers included:

  • Michael Parrish DuDell – Bestselling Author of Shark Tank, Jump Start your Business
  • Spencer Baim – Chief Strategy Officer, VICE Media
  • Julie Veloz – Global Learning and Development Director, Annalect
  • Pamela Marsh, Ph.D. – Director, Primary Research and Insights, Annalect
  • Yvonne Cantrowitz – Global Director, Human Resources, Annalect

If you missed the webinar, or would like to tune in for a second time, below are the links to the recap videos. We decided to “practice what we preached” about micro-learning and divided the video into several parts to make the content more digestible!

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