Ms. Understood: Exploring the Role of Women

According to Simmons/MRI, as of 2012, women reportedly made up 80% of U.S. spending power, and they now account for 85% of all consumer purchases (including those within male-oriented categories).

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Women are now influencing and spending across all categories at a greater rate than ever before, and despite marketers’ recognition of this consumer evolution, they have still not entirely adapted their playbook when it comes to representing women nor targeting them through advertising. Our research indicates that while women do feel that advertisers have come a long way throughout recent decades, 33% told us that most advertising misses the bulls eye in communicating with the evolved female consumer.

We conducted primary research among women of all life-stages, (e.g., Moms, Non-moms, Entrepreneurs, Single full-time working women, Millennials, Boomers), and also looked at differences among Latinas and general market women, to answer the following questions:

  • How have women’s roles within society changed, and what is the impact on the consumer landscape?
  • How have women’s purchase decisions and consumption habits changed?
  • According to women, which advertisers understand and connect with them? What do women feel these brands are doing right?
  • How does life-stage and ethnicity impact media usage?


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