Paul Seid

Employee Spotlight: Paul Seid, Principal Engineer

Our Employee Spotlight series is designed to provide a deeper look into our talent here at Annalect across all different roles, teams and experience levels. You can expect to learn about passions inside and outside of our office walls.

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Describe your current role at Annalect?

I am a Principal Engineer based out of the Annalect’s New York office. I work with the Product and UX/Creative teams on building new features for our insights platform.

Describe a passion you have for the type of work you do and how Annalect helps to feed your passion?

I like building technical solutions for products and helping them grow all the way from the initial conception to a full production release. Working at Annalect has allowed me to collaborate with a variety of different folks and learn more about their methodologies and disciplines.

Can you think of a project you were a part of that you really enjoyed? Why?

I really enjoy being part of the product team dedicated to working on Annalect’s integrated collaboration application. We created a product for people to easily share their data and insights (Curate section here) with not only other team members but also with clients.

What made you first enter your field? Was it planned or unplanned?

Originally I was Systems Administrator. Having worked with enough developers on building products, I decided to make a leap of faith and become a developer. I was drawn to the new challenges that it brought.

What advice would you give to someone just starting his/her career in your field?

The development world is fast moving and ever changing. I would encourage anyone entering the field to keep up with the latest and greatest technologies, attend meet-ups, and always remember to be open and receptive.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I like playing guitar. Initially, I learned to play on electric but lately, I’ve be interested in more acoustic styles. Another hobby that I’ve gotten into recently is learning to skateboard. Wish me luck.


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