It seems like the word “proprietary” has become the new weapon for battling tech companies, but for the most part our philosophy has been to remain technology agnostic, with one exception. Where some technologies, especially adtech platforms, are rendered obsolete shortly after implementation, data ingestion and analysis will be forever timeless. That’s why we built a powerful Insights Platform to squeeze every drop of value out of your most coveted data sources.

Ingesting any data set, in any format, at any time

Processing 2 billion rows of data in 30 seconds

Visualizing your data story across any device

Sharing your key insights with only the people you choose


Always-on data ingestion, enrichment and processing engine, which securely centralizes, manages, and stores data sets for the other platform modules.


UI based utilities that allow analysts to clean and harmonize data while maintaining the historical fidelity of all data sets used. Analysts can fix and join data sets into reusable structures, which provide for quick results for clients.


A flexible UI based analytics application that empowers users to deep dive into data sources to get to actionable analyses and reporting.


A flexible editor for assembling charts and infographics in a client friendly dashboard layout. The analyst can craft the desired data story with live data feeds.


An integrated collaboration application through which the functional teams (planning, buying, optimization, innovation) share the insights from and outputs of their practice such as breaking creative and news alerts, custom charts and graphs, as well as analysts’ observations and insights of the managed data.