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LinkedIn Brands CTR

LinkedIn research reveals that brand posts fail to capture clicks by a large margin compared to posts by employees, especially ones with an authentic voice. A man walks into the doctor’s office and tells the doctor, “It hurts when I do this.” Then, the man starts flailing his arm in…

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branded media content strategies

By adapting to audience sensibilities without superficiality, these creative content strategies have been able to achieve new levels of success. In what is no doubt sure to ignite debate, Harvard Business Review recently released an essay on how branding has evolved in the era of social media communities. Despite the article’s…

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hyper-connected brands

In an age of constantly connected audiences, brands who neglect to respond to trending news topics often risk losing affinity from their audiences. Real-time marketing approaches have quickly matured from a handy tool for socially-connected marketers to an expectation from audiences. After all, what are social media channels doing if…

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Valentine's Day Marketing

Here are our recommended Valentine’s Day best practices for brand messaging based on the most commonly-used digital marketing channels. Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and how appropriate considering that digital marketers are all trying to find new ways to develop personal connections with their audience. Unattached to any true religious…

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facial recognition

Leveraging facial recognition technology can enhance a brand’s insight into why a creative would appeal to an audience. This year, we decided to experiment with the commercials that brands spend the most on in order to appeal to a 111.9 million person audience, also known as Super Bowl 50. Our goal…

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SuperBowl Ads

Super Bowl advertisers must prepare to make an impact not just on the TV screen but also on the millions of smaller second screens that run during the game. With fewer scandals looming over Super Bowl 50 than last year’s game, everything is nearly set for one of the most anticipated…

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