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healthcare big data

Click here to download the full report As the digital revolution continues to shake up industries, healthcare is no exception. First, there’s the growing landscape of mobile health devices. Want to know how many times you tossed and turned last night, or how many calories you burned in that SoulCycle…

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annalect top 10 marketing trends infographic

Click here to download the full report. Our word of the year is “mobile.” Mobile is continuing its takeover of online browsing and shopping, but also making new headway into payments and search, as consumers make friends with Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. As shopping devices get smaller, an easy purchase…

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post holiday recap 2016 - annalect

Click here to download the full report There’s no getting around it: holiday sales were disappointing this season. While a late spending surge took place, it was not the boost that retailers would have liked. Holiday retail sales rose 3%, falling short of predictions. Total e-commerce sales in November and…

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IOT Research Report Download

Click here to download the full report ‘The Internet of Things’ or ‘IoT’ has become a buzzphrase in our industry. You may be sick of hearing about it or you may be wondering what it really means. IoT spans many products and industries with enormous potential, but at its core,…

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Black Friday Recap - Annalect

Click here to download the full report As more spending moves online and away from traditional stores, holiday purchasing patterns continue to shift. Online shoppers outnumbered their brick-and-mortar counterparts this Black Friday weekend, highlighting the importance of omnichannel strategies for retailers this season. Download the full report to read a recap…

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Annalect Media Trends 2015

Click here to download the full report This report (available for download below) provides various population numbers, media usage, and industry expenditure data for all major media platforms, including television, digital, radio, magazines, newspapers, and OOH. This year’s executive summary highlights the five macro trends that are influencing and transforming consumers’…

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