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consumer journey ad tracking

Ad tracking across devices has empowered marketers with ways to track the full customer journey and its complexities, but ad blocking poses a growing threat. Ad tracking across devices provides crucial insight into each touchpoint and helps marketers define how customers navigate their path to purchase. Taking a look at…

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App Marketing

App downloads are on the decline, but marketers can entice consumers to download branded apps by following four best practices. “There’s an app for that” is a common marketing line, but now consumers are wondering if they needed an application for “that” in the first place. Recent data suggests that…

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Augmented Reality Marketing

Now that augmented reality has proven its worth, brands can double their efforts in offering immersive AR marketing experiences. While many marketing technology experts predicted that augmented reality (AR) would make a bigger impact than virtual reality on the digital marketing world, the rest of us remained skeptical until the…

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Virtual Reality Marketing

Explore some of the current use cases of virtual reality marketing while considering how and when VR marketing could lead to true digital marketing results. Virtual reality technology has become a mainstay of trade shows and industry expos like this month’s SXSW. People line up for exciting demos, and the novelty…

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hyper-connected brands

In an age of constantly connected audiences, brands who neglect to respond to trending news topics often risk losing affinity from their audiences. Real-time marketing approaches have quickly matured from a handy tool for socially-connected marketers to an expectation from audiences. After all, what are social media channels doing if…

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China Economic Slump

After a breakneck period of growth, China’s economy and the markets that fuel it have been experiencing some jarring contractions. For digital marketing, the current emphasis on mobile channels like China’s popular WeChat will likely have to evolve. More precise targeting of individuals who still have a taste for imported…

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