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Technology in Holiday Shopping

Explore six holiday retail trends changing the consumer journey, including AI-driven product recommendations and conversion optimization at every touch. This year was another banner year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and the efforts put behind complex digital marketing journeys deserve much of the credit. Estimated Cyber Monday sales…

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mobile attribution

Advanced methods like fractional attribution, third-party SDK services, and consumer ID technology help piece together more accurate digital attribution models. Faced with an increasingly mobile consumer base, marketers are devising newer methods for more accurate and detailed digital attribution. These practices and technologies measure digital advertising effectiveness while tracking complex…

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fundamentals of consumer identity

Learn the difference between deterministic and probabilistic consumer identification and why both methods may be needed for marketing to succeed. Like most tech-defined marketing stories in the modern era, this one starts with mobile. When technologies like smartphones and tablets rose in popularity, people no longer left all of their…

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global marketing trends - annalect

Round out your worldwide marketing strategy with trends from the Middle East, Africa, and Europe; part two of our global marketing series. By turning our perspective outward, we can often learn a great deal from others. Digital marketing is no exception; trends and patterns in the rest of the world…

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global marketing trends

Refresh your global marketing strategy with these key trends and opportunities happening in the APAC and LATAM regions. With 50% of the total population actively accessing the internet, digital is more present than ever in our lives. The ever-changing evolutions and trends here in North America can make it difficult to…

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consumer intent marketing

In an era where most people have smartphones and want things now, brands are adopting intent-based marketing strategies to satisfy consumers’ immediate needs. Our modern tendency to reach for our phones any time we need information has caused many marketers to pivot strategies. In an age where information is always…

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