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James Aylett

James joined Annalect to build up data product, technology, and privacy capabilities in EMEA. With the subsequent development of Omni he now focusses on integration of Omni in the wider martech space, and our EMEA strategy for data privacy, ethics, and risk. Prior to Omnicom, he was a startup CTO,…

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Vishal is the President of Annalect India, leading teams in Gurgaon and Bangalore. As the charter member of Annalect India back in 2012, he has since scaled the team to 500+. Vishal’s strong entrepreneurial mindset inspires teams to deliver best-in-class outputs, driving success for Omnicom agencies. Previously, Vishal was part…

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Jon Ghazi

Jon Ghazi ensures that we deliver world class data, technology and analytics solutions for our clients across almost 40 markets in the EMEA region. A veteran of the advertising and communications industry, Jon has worked in various digital leadership roles on both agency and client teams. Prior to Annalect, Jon…

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