Vishal Srivastava

Chief Executive Officer, India

As Chief Executive Officer of Annalect India, Vishal is focused on the growth and well-being of teams across India — inspiring and elevating our offering of world-class capabilities, for the agencies and clients we serve.

As the charter member of Annalect India in 2012, Vishal’s unwavering mission to offer best-in-class outputs has fueled rapid growth, with centers-of-excellence now spanning across India. With prior roles at Wunderman and CEB/Gartner, and a deep entrepreneurial spirit, Vishal’s expertise currently spans across organizational growth, business development, financial growth, people development, and operations.

He holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science, and has completed the two-year Babson College Senior Management Program developed exclusively for Omnicom’s global leadership development.

In his spare time, Vishal plays tennis, trying to channel his all-time favorite, Roger Federer.