#dmexco2013 Panel Recap


“The Next Game Changer in the LUMAscape”

With the development of (private) ad exchanges, trading desks, Demand Side Platforms and Supply Side Platforms, the advertising industry has seen a massive shift in the digital advertising business from a personal relationship towards a technical and data-driven business. It seems that Big Data and the challenge of handling this data will become the next game-changer in the advertising industry of the upcoming years. The advertising industry, especially agencies and publishers, need to adapt quickly to the fast advertising technology evolution in order to stay competitive, and with them the brand marketers will also face the challenge of how to open up their target-group databases in order to foster cooperation and to be able to target new consumers.

The leaders of “the Next Game Changer in the LUMAscape” panel included Scott Hagedorn – CEO of Annalect, Bill Demas – CEO of Turn, Tim Cadogan – CEO of OpenX, Dr. Mark Grether – Global COO of Xaxis, and Rajeev Goel – CEO of PubMatic. Each of these leaders have created outstanding business models and participated in the revolution of the digital advertising business over the last years.

However, the advertising technology space is still currently undergoing big change.

As the game show began (start watching and you’ll understand), all five panelists agreed that the future lies within mobile, video, social and native advertising but most importantly, about the integration and cross channel strategies for brands to connect with their audiences wherever they are. Tim explained that he started in display and that video, mobile and Facebook are the fastest growing parts of the business and are now well above 30% and mobile is 10-15%. But once again, activating them in separate silos is one of the biggest problems today.

Watch the entire panel here for more discussions on development priorities, a short debate on the importance of the RTB technology layer and upper funnel discussions about understanding the impact of your brand activity at every level.

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