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consumer intent marketing

In an era where most people have smartphones and want things now, brands are adopting intent-based marketing strategies to satisfy consumers’ immediate needs. Our modern tendency to reach for our phones any time we need information has caused many marketers to pivot strategies. In an age where information is always…

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blockbuster marketing

To stand out in a sea of big-budget films, Hollywood blockbusters are marketing movies with creative tactics that build buzz, drive engagement, and increase ticket sales. Which film is going to be the must-see movie of the summer? Convincing mainstream movie-going audiences that a movie shouldn’t be missed has gotten…

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tourism marketing

Dive into the sophisticated ways that cities capitalize on using digital marketing techniques — just like how brands do — to promote tourism and create emotion-rich branded experiences. Wanderlust is unsurprisingly on the rise. It seems now, more than ever, people are giving into this irresistible impulse to travel to near and…

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the importance of consumer reviews

Customer reviews have grown into a digital marketing priority for some brands because of their ability to create feedback loops that produce better offerings and happier customers. What do you do if a customer leaves a bad review? With the rise of the internet in the late 1990s, brands suddenly…

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influencer marketing techniques

See why brands are turning to micro-influencer marketing campaigns over macro-influencers and discover the challenges and controversies they may face. How easily do you think you are influenced? When it comes to the products we buy, brands we love, and companies we trust, many of our first conversions were likely…

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Green Marketing CSR

Brands drive growth in consumer demand by adopting meaningful green marketing principles into production, packaging, and marketing messages. As a great frog once said: “It’s not easy being green,” but it is increasingly necessary. Among today’s enterprises of all sizes, customers expect green principles and practices. People not only want…

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