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WSJ: TV Viewers Depend on Commercials to Discover New Shows

TV networks have been shelling out big bucks to market their new fall TV lineup—and for good reason.

Even as the TV industry faces mounting pressure from consumers who are opting to “cut the cord” or watch programs on streaming services and mobile devices, new research from data and analytics company Annalect found that most consumers find out about new programs from television itself. And many people still make an effort to watch their favorite show on live TV.

According to the report from Omnicom Media Group’s Annalect, 55% of the TV viewers polled said they typically discover new shows from watching TV commercials. More than a third of respondents said TV channel surfing was another primary way they first find out about new programs.

“Television still prevails,” said Pam Marsh, director of Annalect’s primary research and insights group. “Television is high on the path to discovery and plays such an important role still in content consumption.”

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