Melody Bobo

Employee Spotlight: Melody Bobo, Director Platform Strategy

Our Employee Spotlight series is designed to provide a deeper look into our talent here at Annalect across all different roles, teams, and experience levels. You can expect to learn about passions inside and outside of our office walls.

What is your current role at Annalect?

As Director of Platform Strategy within Annalect Consulting, my goal is to help transform our clients’ marketing via technology and data.

Describe a passion you have for the type of work you do and how Annalect helps to feed your passion?

The speed with which ad and marketing technologies develop demands expertise to guide our clients and agencies to solutions that provide tangible business value. The breadth of technologies keeps me on my toes. There is never a dull day at Annalect – I literally learn something new every day.

Can you think of a project you were a part of that you really enjoyed? Why?

A recent deep-dive into Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) for a leading financial client brought teams from LA, Chicago, and NYC together. The collaboration and combined learnings were a hoot. Our marketing led story was compelling and the client will be adopting MTA in the near future!

What made you first enter your field? Was it planned or unplanned?

100% by accident. While writing my MA dissertation on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yes you read that right) I temped at Starcom MediaVest in London (I’m English and American). I took a full-time role there running the affiliate programs for our direct response clients. From day one I was 100% digital. Since then, I’ve worked across brand and direct response agency side, jumped into technology via an ad server, and today I’m proud to be part of Annalect. Tech people are the best – clever and interesting!

What advice would you give to someone just starting his/her career in your field?

It’s OK to be wrong. In fact, it’s essential! Failure is how to get to success. Take a chance, give your thoughts and opinions. Others may be too scared to do so. The more you engage, the farther you’ll go. Make sure you choose companies that actively allow for failure in order to succeed.

Not all companies are created equal. The personnel and structure of an organization drastically change the community feel. Think about what core values are important to you and seek out companies mirroring your values.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I love cocktails and food. Like, LOVE cocktails and food (specifically things with wheat, butter, meat, or dairy… so the good stuff basically). My gentleman is a master at mixology and a wiz on the grill. We cook most days and recently have been making our own ramen. I’m also an avid baker. We have cakes, cookies, gougère, pay de queso, or something involving wheat and butter every week (I probably won’t live forever). Here we are enjoying a MASSIVE panettone for our wedding cake. Panettone is totally an acceptable breakfast cake. I’m also in an amateur ukulele band, The Malibu Ukulele Orchestra. Check us out here! We also have a dog, Cleo, and she’s a fancy a** poodle.

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