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Liquor Marketing for Millennials

Dive into the world of spirits marketing, where several brands use technology-based ways and digital channels to reach millennials. How can a company effectively market to millennials? This is a question that plagues many CMOs, but several brands in the distilled spirits industry have figured out how to accomplish this.…

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content marketing and attribution

Content marketing has evolved into a complex and diverse marketing strategy, but the need for accurate attribution has driven that evolution even further. As agencies switched their focus to digital, content campaigns quickly superseded traditional display advertising. Brands and marketers subsequently began to invest in content in major ways, with…

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Data Best Practices

Click here to download these data-driven best practices Learn how to get the most out of your data-driven marketing program with these best practices for making data actionable and audience-focused. We as an industry have been focusing more on the tactical applications of data but with the data ecosystem evolving, the unique…

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converting traffic into sales

Learn about three of the most effective digital marketing strategies brands use to convert digital traffic into sales and clicks into cold, hard cash. Rumplestiltskin may be able to spin straw into gold, but marketers can perform real magic: spinning web traffic into actual sales. Getting people to part with…

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Data-driven consumer journey

Data-driven marketing has changed the consumer journey for customers even more so than it has for brands, opening up new possibilities for every purchase. We often talk about how data has changed the process of marketing to consumers, but what is the consensus from the other side of the coin? In…

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Digital Marketing Evolution

Digital, interactive video and different platform experiences play key roles as the state of marketing practices develop and adapt further in the coming years. The growth of online digital platforms and the data they created caused an incredible evolutionary marketing shift within the past ten years. Now, the world’s biggest…

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