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Beet.TV: The Three Views You’ll Hear About Data, According To Annalect CEO

CANNES — Digital data, and the ability to harness it to better target advertising messages, is one of the greatest transformational forces in marketing.

But the zeal with which executives are embracing the transformation reads like a menu of enthusiasm.

Slavi Samardzija, global CEO of Annalect, the New York-based data analytics consulting and technology company for marketers, says: “I think the industry is divided on the three tracks or three groups:”

  • Data refuseniks: “I’m not going to name the agencies, they know who they … some big, big creative thinkers ignore the data, and they’ll say, ‘Oh this data is bad, it has a bad influence on the creativity’. They are very public and very loud about the topic at the moment.”

  • Data obsessives: “There’s a school of thought of, ‘The world is going to be run by data, and the data and the artificial intelligence is going to give us all the answers, you don’t need the creatives’.”

  • Half-way housers: “The third is in the middle … saying, ‘Well, it’s really how the two work together’.”

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