What it Means to be an Annalectual

Launched in 2012, Annalect India is Omnicom’s global capability hub. We support our agencies in driving greater efficiencies and value in marketing through our expertise in media, data, creative and technology for global brands.

We are celebrating our 9th anniversary this August. Over the last few years, we achieved milestone talent growth as we grew in numbers, vocation and above all in our humanness in being an Annalectual. To commemorate the 9thAnniversary, we are comprehending our identity as an Annalectual by stitching together the Annalectual characteristics in 9 defining elements.

Firstly, who is an Annalectual?

When you join the pack at Annalect India, you become an Annalectual. Annalectuals are a whole gamut of talent that includes engineers, product managers, data architects, marketing experts, analytical thinkers, creative designers, campaign specialists, among others. It is not just our work that defines us, our collective representation is our identity as an Annalectual.

We are the people behind the technology that harness data and creative ingenuity to make the customer and brand relationships more palpable.

9 reasons to be a proud Annalectual

1. We map our own growth

Trained in world-class tools, Annalectuals are pioneers in tech and data-led solutions. We believe in having a growth mindset that allows us to scale our craft to match global standards, not limited by the confines of set roles and titles.

Even novice professionals with a knack for marketing communication and technology are provided with a learning platform through our own Annalect India Academy. It takes a village to help a person achieve pinnacles of career goals and self-growth; a team of mentors, dedicated employee experience managers, and trained leaders help Annalectuals in their endeavours by offering them a curated employee experience.

2. We are a melting pot of cultures

Being an Annalectual is about living your authentic self at work and in life. We do not just deliver solutions across the globe but also imbibe the global standards of behaviour. We believe creativity thrives in diversity, ideas that stem from diverse talent is the secret sauce in generating cutting edge deliverables to global stakeholders.

Culturally, we do take pride in having different vocations under one roof that brings together talent from diverse backgrounds, skills, and expertise but we are evolving to make it a priority to be more inclusive of all genders, cultures, religions, abilities and disabilities, ages, sexual orientations, among others.

We walk the talk when we defy archaic norms of hiring as we welcome talented women who want to rejoin the workforce after years of circumstantial sabbatical. We understand the cultural nuances that unfairly demand women to sacrifice their careers in their prime; we respect their choices and believe that it is us who need to make the job requirements accessible locally for an inclusive genre of talent.

3. We believe in ‘Wellness First’

The world we knew changed drastically and the definition of healthy living in a pandemic changed with it. Safeguarding physical and mental health has always been a priority but the pandemic amplified the challenge; taking care of our people working remotely and located around all corners of the country became easier as Annalectuals intuitively took charge of the situation to protect themselves and people around them.

As we look forward to the transition to a COVID-free world, getting vaccinated became imperative. Annalectuals participated in large numbers in our vaccination drives in multiple cities under the ‘WellnessFirst’ initiative along with their families. The free vaccination policy for Annalectuals and their families, coupled with several other policies for employee wellbeing, focus on creating a wholesome environment nurturing the body and mind.

4. We respect everyone equally

Respect begets respect; we do not believe hierarchies and a person’s background should be a criterion to respect someone. Annalect values call for mutual respect and integrity which can be achieved only if every Annalectual feels safe and accepted.

Inclusion is not limited to policies, but it is reflected in being a vocal ally, particularly in championing gender equity and acceptance of people with diverse sexual orientations. We are not shy in expressing our allyship but are working on it to make it our agenda to be louder with our support.

5. We are anything but boring

If you check the average Annalectual attitude, you will find it is always ‘Creativity over Mundaneness’ and ‘Ideas over titles’. We are the ones who spice up the campaign briefs with our data insights and critical perspectives.

Every Annalectual with an insightful idea has a platform to develop it with global teams and brands they work with and an Open Communication policy to collaborate with the best minds in the Omnicom Group network.

6. We are team players

The camaraderie among Annalectuals enables us to partner with global teams on several projects that require the highest level of credibility, born out of trust and well-defined work processes that match international standards of governance. To achieve this, one cannot work in silos and must rely heavily on the team members to collectively deliver the results.

The sudden work-from-home situation posed unexpected challenges for all industries, but our performance statistics prove that we peaked during these tough times, as Annalectuals came together in times of crisis and exhibited the true essence of camaraderie.

7. We believe innovation is leadership

Annalectuals anchor their thought process in innovation which sets us apart from the rest. It is important that every team member has a sense of ownership in their project and be ingenious by updating their skills that boost their career trajectory. Every Annalectual benefits from unlimited internal and external learning programs, some of these programs are custom curated for domain expertise. We enable marketing orchestration and insights for global brands using our own platform “Omni”.

Maximizing our human potential is how we build leaders who are our true representatives in the organisation.

8. We are the agency of the future

Yes, we are the ‘Jetsons’. We are the data and technology-driven, problem-solving core of Omnicom Group. Our four core vocations namely- Technology Group, Media Services, Marketing Sciences and Creative Services bring diverse vocations and specialists like Engineers, Analysts, and Designers working under the same roof.

We future-proof Marketing with Data Interoperability, facilitate higher Return on Investment for marketing campaigns, develop creative that is proven to drive consumption through industry-first products and technology automation.

9. We are the change agents in the industry

We democratize data insights in the industry; we provide solutions that output actionable insights for improved creative development, cultural insight, media planning, activation, and optimization. Our in-house innovators believe in preemptive strategies that revolutionize the way brands speak to their customers.

As we look forward to completing a successful decade next year, we would be unveiling more about the data and tech powered marketing transformation, bringing customers and brands closer. We would be sharing more Annalectual voices to help the world decipher the humanness behind the pathbreaking technology.

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