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Wall Street Journal: Omnicom Group to Debut Tool Using Generative AI for Advertising Employees

Six years ago at Cannes, we introduced a virtual assistant which eased working with data (and knew where to get a good glass of rosé), so it was with great excitement we were able to announce Omni Assist — Generative AI which helps marketers orchestrate better outcomes — at this year’s Cannes.

Here’s an example cited by The Wall Street Journal, just scratching the surface of Generative AI’s profound usefulness for marketers:

“Employees could use Omni Assist to seek answers regarding which consumers to target for a specific type of cleaning product, for example, or to list influencers who might be the most effective in promoting a given product within a specific budget. The generative AI combs through troves of data in the Omni platform to formulate responses.”

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