Hyderabad Ribbon Cutting

Our Beautiful New Office in Hyderabad

To accommodate its continued business growth, Annalect India has announced a move to a new, larger office space in Hyderabad.

Annalect, which recently celebrated its tenth year in India, will leverage the new office space to provide an enhanced experience, operational efficiencies and further room for expansion. The company is consistently working towards building new capabilities and aims at growing 3X in strength in the near future.

The new office will be the latest implementation of Annalect India’s Anyplace Workplace model that empowers its teams to choose from a variety of workplace settings, thereby providing flexibility and ease of doing work to support the continued delivery of service excellence. This reinstates the company’s strong commitment to providing healthy work-life integration, inclusive People programs and an energizing environment for its diverse workforce.

Annalect India has three other Centers of Excellence in Gurugram, Bengaluru and Chennai comprising a diverse talent pool of over 1,600 employees. Currently, there are more than 300 employees in Hyderabad alone.

“Moving to a new office space to accommodate the demands of our growing business is yet another milestone in Annalect India’s growth journey. When we first came to Hyderabad in September 2021, we were a compact team of 20 Annalectuals. It was a part of our strategic endeavour to bring the workplace closer to our workforce. As a result, we were able to bring diverse mindsets into our fold, which enabled us to succeed swiftly. Since then, there has been a remarkable growth in talent diversity as well as efficiency. Today, we have a strong workforce of over 300 Annalectuals in Hyderabad, delivering top-notch services across various functions. We continue to learn and evolve and our strength is mirrored in the value we have been creating for our partner agencies and clients.” — Vishal Srivastava, Chief Executive Officer, Annalect India

“For the past year, our Center of Excellence in Hyderabad has been aggressively working towards supporting our partner agencies and their global network in achieving business outcomes. We have successfully implemented effective cross-functional synergies leveraging the best of data and technology, thus enabling operational and quality excellence. As we continue to grow, we are also looking forward to adding Market Research, Finance and People Operations, and other diversified solutions to our functional capabilities. I’m certain our strong foothold in Hyderabad will allow us to capitalize on the potential avenues and drive significant business results for our teams.” — Kiran Guruswami, Chief Operating Officer, Annalect India

“At Annalect India our offices are collaboration and cultural hubs and that has manifested in the way our offices are designed today. Our workspaces support us in fostering a sense of belongingness through a dynamic and engaging environment. They bring us closer, create avenues for collaboration and enable us to provide groundbreaking solutions as a unified team. We’re happy and thrilled to continue our strong legacy in Hyderabad. This expanded office space is our commitment to Annalectuals to bring them together and orient them to our culture. We’re certain our collective spirit and camaraderie of Being Annalectual will be carried forward to our new office space in Hyderabad.” — Devya Patney, Chief People & Culture Officer, Annalect India