Omni Digest, EP1: Introducing the Power of Omni

Our friends over at OMD have been transforming their clients’ business, with a unique end-to-end workflow powered by Omni.

It’s been such a game-changer, they’ve introduced a 12-episode video series, Omni Digest — discussing the power, flexibility, and competitive advantage Omni affords them.

To kick the series off, George Manas, OMD Worldwide’s CEO, and Slavi Samardzija, Annalect Worldwide’s CEO, discuss how Omni makes every dollar accountable — by integrating clients’ data within its framework and measurement roadmap — and the breadth of Omni-fluency across OMD which is transforming the way they work.

Watch Omni Digest, Episode 1: Introducing the Power of Omni