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MediaPost: Holding Company of the Year: Omnicom

Annalect’s Omni 2.0 is a major reason for Omnicom’s consecutive win for Holding Company of the Year.

MediaPost discusses how integrating Sparks & Honey’s human and AI-empowered intelligence into our Omni interface reflects Omnicom’s progressive innovation.

While it’s not uncommon for MediaPost to recognize the same organizations years in a row as our media agencies of the year, our selection of Omnicom as this year’s holding company of the year is the first time we have done so two years in a row for the same reason. Sort of…

The combination of Sparks & Honey’s human and AI-empowered intelligence, coupled with a rigorous methodology based on typing core elements and foundations of culture, is truly unique within the ad industry and has yielded the agency a roster of clients that ranges from the most common consumer goods marketers to DARPA, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

By integrating it into Omni’s interface, Omnicom has effectively taken it from Omni 1.0 to Omni 2.0, making it our holding company of the year for 2019, because sometimes innovation isn’t a one-and-done deal, but an ongoing progression.

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