Trudi Miller

Close-Up: Trudi Miller, Senior Director of Learning & Development

Passionate about Teaching & Technology

Tell us about the career path which (luckily for us) led you here.

My current role requires transdisciplinary work bridging traditional fields such as education, technology, and social science research. I’ve had a variety of job roles in the past – software developer, technical trainer, research assistant, Ph.D. student, assistant professor – each of which helped hone skills that I rely on today. I can’t say I’ve planned my precise career trajectory, but I can clearly trace the path back to starting computer programming and teaching outdoor education in my teens.

What fuels your excitement for work?

Annalect has a wide range of fascinating tools, technologies, and services to learn about. I love organizing complex concepts into learning experiences so that people can understand them. I try to make the abstract more practical. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone have an “aha!” moment — that moment where they recognize how to apply something new in their work.

What do you most enjoy doing, outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with family and collecting video games. Travel has always been a passion which I hope to reinvigorate soon.