Tabitha Anderson - Annalect

Close-Up: Tabitha Anderson, Senior Director of Product Management

Intuitive Solutions for Complex Business Challenges … Fueled by Imagination

How did you get into product?

I moved to San Francisco, to experience life outside the Long Island, New York bubble — thinking I was going to be an Elementary School Teacher. I accepted a position at an automotive digital marketing startup, where (typical for startups) we all wore a lot of hats. I put my technical acumen to work, solving problems and building trust with clients — and people noticed. When our company started building software, the Head of Engineering asked me to join his team. I couldn’t get enough of it … the creative problem solving … seeing our vision come to life. I was hooked, and began eagerly pursuing this new career-path.

What drives your passion for work?

Building products encompasses everything I love to do: digging into technical problems and finding smart solutions; dreaming-up ideas, then bringing them to life; working with my team to create beautiful interfaces and experiences. As a naturally-inclined creative problem solver, figuring out how to overcome complex business challenges in an intuitive, beautiful way is a source of joy. It’s great to see faces light up when using my products — but the biggest perk is knowing they drive better business outcomes.

What do you most enjoy doing, outside of work?

I do my best to stay active. You’ll often see me riding my bike around Brooklyn. I practice yoga and meditation daily. I have a keen interest in fashion and culture that’s inspired numerous side-hustles — but since the onset of COVID, I’ve focused on my community. I work closely with a food pantry in my neighborhood, and each week I deliver groceries to those in need.

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