Shivani Nigam

Close-Up: Shivani Nigam, Analyst, Marketing Intelligence

How did you get started in Data Analysis?

I majored in Human Resources, but gravitated toward the digital assignments which accompanied my Marketing minor. While working toward my MBA, I accepted a Digital Promoter position at my college, and found it extremely rewarding. After finishing school, I got my first job in Web Analytics. Five years later, I feel it was meant to be.

What drives your passion for work?

I still remember my first day, spending literally hours building a model from a messy dataset. As Ronald H. Coase said, “if you torture the data long enough, it will confess.” I stuck with it, and it did. I’ve come very far since 2019 when I started this data analytics journey, but the thirst for knowledge and growth in an ever-changing industry is what pushes me continuously further.

Also, the culture and people at Annalect have made coming to work truly rewarding. I was part of the Marketing Science team in India for three years before joining the US Marketing Intelligence team, and everyone has been great, across the board.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I travel a lot. I’ve seen 19 states since moving to the USA, and I’m pretty sure that validates my claim! I also enjoy painting, interior decorating, reading, and connecting with my family. I live far away from them, but we still keep in touch every day. On weekends, I enjoy watching F1 races and documentaries (Drive to Survive).