Natasha Henderson, Associate Director of Growth at Annalect

Close-Up: Natasha Henderson, Associate Director of Growth

Inspired by Black History Month — this spotlight series celebrates the diversity which drives our success, fosters strong values, and uplifts every individual to become the collective heart of Annalect culture. Join us in recognizing the talent, inspiration, and valuable insights contributing to our vibrant and inclusive community.

What is your current role at Annalect?

As Associate Director of Growth, I work globally to drive business development, which fuels our company’s growth.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I love food! My love language is cooking, so when I’m not working, I’m likely planning elaborate dinner parties for loved ones. I also enjoy kick-boxing and Muay Thai — spending much of my spare time practicing and refining my skills.

What is your proudest professional achievement?

Some of my proudest professional achievements have been account wins resulting from pitches I’ve led – at Annalect and my prior agency. Having the opportunity to drive the process, collaborate with teams of all different backgrounds, sell-in the right solutions, and meet so many new faces along the way is the reason I love business development.

In celebrating Black history and culture, who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Bozoma Saint John is an absolute force to be reckoned with — and my source of inspiration! From landing her first C-suite role as Chief Brand Officer at Uber, to her current role as Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix, Bozoma teaches us how to lead with tenacity, passion, and impact.

What message do you have for black men and women earlier in their career looking to grow into positions of leadership in their schools, workplaces and communities?

Cheesy as it may sound: Be yourself and lean into what makes you unique. Not only will this help you stand out as you advance into leadership roles — it will also help you remain an authentic and trusted leader.