Konstantin Markov

Close-Up: Konstantin Markov, Global Director of Technology Operations

In the world of tech, it’s never “business as usual,” and our Head of Tech Operations absolutely loves that.

How did you get into IT?

Initially, I wanted to enter diplomatic service, a prestigious occupation in my home country of Uzbekistan. The tuition was very high — and unfortunately (now fortunately, looking back at it), I didn’t score high enough on my admissions test to secure a scholarship — so I decided to wait a year and try again.

Meanwhile, the UK government opened their first university in my region, so I decided to take some classes there. From my very first computing course, it was love at first sight.

From then on, my education and career has revolved around IT, and all things related.

What drives your passion for work?

The tech industry provides endless opportunity to learn and problem-solve. Every day is different — especially in marketing and advertising where such huge strides are being taken right now.

I’m surrounded by such talented people here at Annalect. We’re constantly inspired by one another — pushing each other to come up with ideas that have real impact — on the future of our company, and our evolving industry.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

When not at work, I’m with my kids. There’s a sizable age gap between them, so the range of activities we do together is very broad: surfing, attending art exhibitions, gymnastics training and competitions, hanging out at the playground (hopefully one with a tree I can nap under).

As for my personal hobbies — I love traveling, watching and playing soccer, cooking and enjoying traditional Uzbek cuisine with my closest friends (over some good cognac).