Carlo Reyes, Annalect

Close-Up: Carlo Reyes, Data Protection Manager

Inspired by AAPI Heritage Month — this spotlight series celebrates the diversity which drives our success, fosters strong values, and uplifts every individual to become the collective heart of Annalect culture. Join us in recognizing the talent, inspiration, and valuable insights contributing to our vibrant and inclusive community.

Tell us about your current role at Annalect.

I’m a Data Protection Manager on the Ethics & Privacy team. I help our people navigate privacy requirements and ensure controls are in place.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Growing up, I was encouraged to explore my creative side, so a lot of my hobbies are creative in some way. I recently purchased a 3D printer, so I’ve been dabbling in 3D modeling and design.

I make book nooks. I find it relaxing to build little vignettes from stories and books I like.

I’ve also rediscovered some old hobbies while spending time with my nephews. One of them takes piano lessons — so I talk to him about music, instruments I learned how to play in school, and the importance of practice. My other nephew started building with Lego. Seeing his excitement re-ignited my Lego obsession.

What is your proudest professional achievement?

I’ve been fortunate to be part of some incredible projects, but my proudest professional achievement is finishing grad school. I was very interested in database marketing, and the universities didn’t yet have a program, so I created an education path which led to multi-discipline master degrees (yes, more than one degree at the same time).

In celebrating AAPI Heritage Month, who or what is your biggest inspiration?

All immigrant parents — including my own. They surmounted incredible challenges — leaving the comforts of home, people they know, love, and cherish, their support system, and oftentimes the language they know — in search of a fresh start and new opportunity. It takes unimaginable courage.

What message do you have for other Asian American & Pacific Islanders who may be early in their career — looking to grow into positions of leadership in their schools, workplaces and communities?

Career paths aren’t always linear — so recognize opportunities as they present themselves. They may be challenging pivots from the career you originally intended, but opening yourself up to these opportunities could be the doorway to a fulfilling career that leverages the skills you worked so hard to cultivate.