Anny Buakaew

Close-Up: Anny Buakaew, Head of Platform Operations

On a Mission, to Inspire the Next Generation of Ad-Industry Innovators…

How did you get into Platform Operations?

I studied Information Systems and Marketing at NYU, but had little idea of what to do with my education. I just knew I wanted to merge my technical background with Marketing/Advertising somehow.

I landed my first job at Ogilvy, when people were just learning about banner sizes and strategy — and ad serving was very basic. I was fortunate to get in on the ground floor, when digital advertising was in its infancy.

Later, I moved to Atlas. It was an inspiring time — working with smart and talented people, in an environment that spurred so much innovation. We laid a lot of the groundwork for modern ad serving. The rest is history.

What drives your passion for work?

My time at Atlas helped me realize — I needed to get back into the agency world, to inspire and foster the next generation of ad-industry innovators.

I’ve been able to do that here at Annalect, by forming the Platform Operations group. It’s a close and collaborative environment, where I’m able to curate the career paths of truly amazing talent — developing their skillsets to highlight strengths.

Individually, the Platform Operations team members are well-equipped for this ever-changing industry — but as a team, we harness each individual’s unique talents — to become stronger, together.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I spend as much time as I can with family and friends … good walks, great food, local events, traveling, watching movies and Korean dramas … these are things that give me joy every day.

My family and I are big Disney fans … everything from the Fab 5 to Star Wars and Marvel. We frequented the parks in Florida and California, two or three times a year — and we’re itching to go back. As much as I love strolling down Main Street USA, to Cinderella’s castle — my absolute favorite thing is guiding first-timers. Seeing their reaction is priceless.

If you’re ever lost in Disney World, just call me!


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