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CES 2024: CES Speakers Navigate the Drawbacks of AI

via The Drum

Some companies are taking proactive measures to self-regulate their AI systems, like advertising company Annalect. Clarissa Season, chief experience officer at Annalect, shared insights into how the company grapples with the pitfalls of generative AI.

“We had to put down some rigorous guardrails [on our technology].”

She went on to explain that Annalect follows a meticulous multistage process to evaluate outputs, engaging a small group of individuals for feedback before the system’s alpha release. Season stressed the importance of treating AI as a tool for inspiration, not as an absolute, and applying human thought to its outputs.

“With great power comes great responsibility,”

she said, emphasizing the intentional and thoughtful interaction with AI. The key, she noted, lies in discerning where AI adds value to life and where its benefits may be questionable.

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