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loyalty program research report

Click here to download the report Nearly every retailer offers some sort of loyalty program. For the consumer, these programs offer rewards for their shopping experience. For the brand, they offer valuable data on how customers shop. And loyalty programs matter to consumers: nearly 3 in 4 say stores need to…

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teen beauty marketing research

Click here to download the report YouTube is the new beauty counter. Teens are being raised with a focus on self-confidence and acceptance of a wider array of images than ever before. The popularity of YouTube and beauty bloggers brings a more accessible, down-to-earth quality to their beauty aspirations. Teens are…

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sharing economy

Click here to download the report Collaborative consumption. The sharing economy. The peer economy. Whatever you call it, it’s a rising trend among consumers. Technology has made it easier than ever for consumers to exchange goods or services in a peer-to-peer way. They can rent homes via Airbnb, hail a ride…

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Click here to download the full report Fatherhood in the US has evolved and with it comes changes in responsibilities, attitudes, and advertising. Recently, brands have wised up and targeted dads with ads that address the highs and lows of being a father today — an improvement on ad clichés…

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Flagship Retail Store Experiential Marketing

Click here to download the full report Moving towards personalization and precision In order to deliver the best shopping experience, stores are implementing technologies like beacons, RFID (radio frequency identification), and smart digital displays. As these technologies are in their infancy, retailers are in the midst of finding ways to…

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healthcare big data

Click here to download the full report As the digital revolution continues to shake up industries, healthcare is no exception. First, there’s the growing landscape of mobile health devices. Want to know how many times you tossed and turned last night, or how many calories you burned in that SoulCycle…

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