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Computer Vision Marketing Better Performance

Explore seven marketing use cases of computer vision to see why the technology holds promise and unlocks new capabilities. Computer vision has grown by leaps and bounds, enabling exciting capabilities in the marketing field. The technology uses AI and machine learning to scan images and accurately identify objects and components…

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CES 2018 Best Tech

CES brings together thousands of international brands and hopeful start-ups to showcase the technologies they believe have the power to change the future. From 5G to smart cities, voice assistants, VR/AR, and more, Annalect and Hearts & Science bring you the top tech and trends to care about in the coming…

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Melody Bobo

Our Employee Spotlight series is designed to provide a deeper look into our talent here at Annalect across all different roles, teams, and experience levels. You can expect to learn about passions inside and outside of our office walls. What is your current role at Annalect? As Director of Platform Strategy…

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Cloud Computing

Get primed on cloud computing, including a summary of the different services it offers, public vs. private architectures, and when to consider “serverless” cloud. Nearly all enterprise marketers have their head in the cloud these days — and for good reason. Cloud computing has not only disrupted computer-dependent business processes as we know them,…

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the future of data visualization

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and machine learning are vastly improving data visualization practices, making it possible for marketers to analyze and depict complex data sets without oversimplifying them. When thinking about data visualization, most marketers refer back to the not-so-distant days of the dashboard – pre-populated with two-dimensional line graphs…

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mobile attribution

Advanced methods like fractional attribution, third-party SDK services, and consumer ID technology help piece together more accurate digital attribution models. Faced with an increasingly mobile consumer base, marketers are devising newer methods for more accurate and detailed digital attribution. These practices and technologies measure digital advertising effectiveness while tracking complex…

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