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Annalect Partners with SEEDS to Fight Hunger

COVID-19 has profoundly affected lives and livelihoods around the globe, requiring rapid intervention to protect those who work and live in our surrounding communities.

In June of 2020, our team in India joined forces with SEEDS, an organization dedicated to helping those whose livelihoods have been most greatly impacted. While Annalect’s teams have the necessary support to maintain safety and be productive working remotely — that’s not a reality for most industries.

350+ families, most of which comprised of hard-hit daily wage laborers and elderly, were identified by SEEDS with the help of local volunteers. Annalect’s contributions ensured these families would receive the food and dry-goods they desperately needed.

Beyond financial support, our teams were on-site in Bangalore and Gurgaon, distributing supplies directly into communities not far from our offices. 

Since lockdown, we have been facing immense challenges. I lost my job and income. I am grateful to SEEDS and Annalect for providing me with rations which will provide my family with interim relief. Thank you for this support.

Eeswaramma, Construction Worker

One of our core tenets at Annalect, is the belief that we are stronger together. We are so proud of our people in India, who’ve demonstrated that this belief extends well-beyond our offices’ four walls.

At Annalect, we strive to do our best under any circumstances. Especially in this pandemic, we comprehend the importance of standing together to support the needy. I heartily appreciate each and every member of our team that supported this initiative.

Nethra Nagananda, Associate Director of Digital Services at Annalect

To learn more or donate, visit the SEEDS website.