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AdWeek: Omnicom Media Group Calls for Employees to Earn Omni Certification

When you develop an open operating system that so effectively helps marketers orchestrate better outcomes, everyone needs to know about it.

AdWeek recently spotlighted Omnicom Media Group’s drive to get all employees Omni certified.

OMG is the first holding company media group to require almost all of its workforce be certified in its tech stack, underscoring how technology has become crucial to media agency work.

While every large agency has a technology stack, a majority of platforms aren’t scaled across holding companies, limiting their use. This is because there’s often a learning curve associated with the new tech platforms, creating a challenge for agencies that want employees to benefit from significant tech investments made by the holding group. Omnicom itself is the first holding company to invest in a company-wide certification program for its own operating system.

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