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MediaPost: Annalect’s LinkedIn Data Integration Provides Insights Into Content For Business Audiences

Annalect has recently launched a new product, Professional Audiences, leveraging LinkedIn data to give marketers a better understanding of the content consumed by business audiences using data related to industry, company size, location and title.

MediaPost sits down with our VP of Engineering, Anna Nicanorova, to discuss Omni’s Professional Audiences tool and its unique capabilities for intaking B2B audiences into Omni to target consumer audiences.

Professional Audiences — a tool for media trends and insights within the Omni platform — is integrated across the Omnicom network and uses the LinkedIn Audience Engagement API to build B2B audiences in the same way it uses other to data to build B2C audiences. It uses LinkedIn’s Audience Engagement API to collect aggregate data to build B2C audiences. LinkedIn has about 645 million members. The data is relevant to media and creative professionals…

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