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IOT Data

Gain a clear understanding of the Internet of Things (IoT), from industrial to consumer use, and how the data generated from these devices can provide value. A century ago, only the most imaginative futurist could envision a world where a coffee pot, alarm clock, and smart audio speaker would share…

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marketing algorithms

Marketing algorithms are taking on many of the industry’s most pressing tasks at scale while helping guide major strategic decisions of the future. Marketing algorithms have worked their way into the industry’s most talked about subjects. Many people, however, still aren’t sure exactly what an algorithm is, what they do, and…

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back to school marketing

Brands need to be rethinking their back-to-school marketing strategy in 2017 as the traditional lesson plan for reaching shoppers grows stale. The start of summer may mean that K-12 students finally get their welcomed break, but most retailers are getting ahead on their summer reading in the form of consumer…

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hospitality marketing with data

Digital hotel marketing heats up as major brands compete with each other and online travel agencies (OTAs) while seeking better customer loyalty. Through data-backed insights, hotel marketing helps make bucket-list trips a reality while also improving experiences for regular travelers. Most people rely on various forms of online research to…

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marketing chatbots

More than just entertaining, chatbots can improve customer experience and collect critical marketing data that can enrich predictive analytics and more. Since the golden age of pulp science fiction, humans have speculated about the logical and ethical challenges of artificial intelligence (AI). Now, chatbot AIs can order a pizza for us.…

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data privacy best practices

Shifting regulations and consumer demands for privacy have forced marketers to examine their data practices, technology stack, and security. Today’s constant stream of consumer data promises companies exciting abilities and groundbreaking insight into their audiences. Modern marketers collect and leverage all sorts of customer data, whether it is direct engagement…

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