Data Reveals the Why Behind the Winning Super Bowl Ads


In recent years, with the advent of Facebook and YouTube, we can immediately (and with real data) see which Super Bowl ads were most popular with viewers. Likes, views, shares, comments, tweets – these are all valid volumetric measures of interest, but do we know why people like, view, share and comment? This year, Annalect took the data to the next level to reveal the reasons behind the hits and misses among this year’s crop of Super Bowl spots.

Using crowdsourcing solutions, we were able to explore how different creative executions affect brand performance and ad virality during a big event like the Super Bowl. Thanks to the fast ‘wisdom of crowds,’ Annalect collected a unique dataset that provided the answers to why some commercials were more popular than others and how they impacted consumers’ view of the brand as a whole.

Below is a listing of the four exploration lenses, click on the image to explore through each of the data lenses.

Note: Please open the tool in a Chrome Browser only.


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